Roof Cleaning in Nottingham

Roof Cleaning Nottingham

Peak Roofclean was recently called by a homeowner from Beeston, asking about Residential Roof Cleaning in Nottingham.  The homeowner wanted us to address the moss and lichens on the roof of her 4 bedroom house roof. Which had increased in recent years, making the house look unkempt.  She also wanted the detached garage roof cleaning.

The Peak Roofclean team turned up at the property on time.  We proceeded to cover parts of the house, yard and lawn that would be affected by falling mosses. and then we began to pressure clean the roof. This is part of our standard process.

Peak Roofclean are professional roof cleaners, we have a bespoke, custom build compressor truck to ensure that our roof cleaner has enough hose and the correct water pressure required to clean your roof properly.

Replacing Broken Tiles & minor repairs

Whilst cleaning the roof if we notice that you have cracked or broken tiles we will replace them.  This roof had some 20 damaged tiles.  We also sealed some lead flashing and did some pointing on the ridge tiles.

If we notice that your roof should need more serious repairs we will notify you, and can even make a recommendation for a reputable roofer, should you require one.

Our roof cleaning service treats your roof with a special eco-friendly chemical that will prevent the mosses and lichens from returning for several years.

Roof Cleaning Nottingham - Peak Roofclean

As you can see the roof now looks brand new.  The homeowner was thrilled to see the transformation.   When asked the homeowner said that Peak Roofclean was recommended to her by a family member.

Are You Looking For Roof Cleaning Services Near You?

If you live in or around Nottingham, then give Peak Roofclean a call today!  We are ready to take your call. To help us make a quick, accurate quote, please send us a photo of your house using the form on the right.

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