Roof Cleaning Matlock

Roof Cleaning Matlock

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Roof Cleaning Matlock – Peak Roofclean

We were introduced to a homeowner in Darley Dale, near Matlock. He was fed up with birds picking moss off his roof and clogging up his gutters. Also, some of the loose moss was falling onto his patio, making it green and colonising the cracks between the flagstones. He told us that he’d been interested in hiring a roof cleaning company for a while.

Moss can also be a problem when it falls onto lawns as it very easily colonises the lawn making lawns spongy and waterlogged.

As usual, we covered the relevant parts of the yard and lawn to protect from falling moss and lichens, then we inspected the roof.

We Carry Out Minor Roof Repairs

We noticed some damaged tiles, which we replaced. Peak Roofclean will carry out minor repairs free of charge, but if we discover more serious issues we will inform the homeowner so that they can organise more intensive roof repairs.

The homeowner hadn’t realised that as well as having a couple of broken tiles, he had some loose ridge tiles, which could have blown down in heavy winds.  We also fixed loose flashing on his chimney.

Roof Cleaning for Semi-Detached Houses

We clean a wide variety of roofs. Some on semi-detached properties.  Even if your property is semi-detached you can, make it really stand out when you have your roof cleaned.  Often neighbours will want their roof cleaning too, so it’s worthwhile discussing the work that’s going to be carried out with your attached neighbour.

There can be some benefits of having a joint cleaning especially if you have shared valleys and gutters.

After we’d finished the cleaning the roof of the Darley Dale property, a neighbour from over the road approached up to book our roof cleaning services for his house too.

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