Roof Cleaning Sheffield

Roof cleaning sheffield

Roof Cleaning in Sheffield: Matt Grant – Peak Roof Clean. In the photo above we have a residence that has had their roof overcome by moss and other unwanted dirt The roof had a pretty dense amount of moss and lichens across the tiles.  The roof may not look so bad at a glance but the continuous build-up of the moss can lead to long term damage.  As we’ve mentioned before in other posts, The build-up of mosses and lichens can seriously damage tiles and in turn, lead to a leaking roof, damp, and more. This Sheffield homeowner took the proactive route and got us to provide a quote to remove the moss and lichen.  Once they’d accepted the quote, we got to work removing the growth before it caused serious problems. A Nice, Clean Roof improves your Property After the removal of the moss and a good clean, the […]


Bungalow Roof Cleaned in Doncaster

roof cleaning doncaster

Roof Cleaning Doncaster: Matt Grant – Peak Roof Clean Peak Roof Clean received an enquiry about cleaning the roof of a bungalow in Doncaster.  We were happy to visit the property to give a proper assessment.  For anyone wanting to get a quick price, you can use the form on the side of this page. The form allows you to attach a photo, to make it easier for us to give you an accurate price.