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Roof cleaning sheffield

Roof Cleaning in Sheffield: Matt Grant – Peak Roof Clean.

moss on roof, sheffield

In the photo above we have a residence that has had their roof overcome by moss and other unwanted dirt

The roof had a pretty dense amount of moss and lichens across the tiles.  The roof may not look so bad at a glance but the continuous build-up of the moss can lead to long term damage.  As we’ve mentioned before in other posts, The build-up of mosses and lichens can seriously damage tiles and in turn, lead to a leaking roof, damp, and more.

This Sheffield homeowner took the proactive route and got us to provide a quote to remove the moss and lichen.  Once they’d accepted the quote, we got to work removing the growth before it caused serious problems.

Roof Cleaned in Sheffield

A Nice, Clean Roof improves your Property
After the removal of the moss and a good clean, the roof looks completely different. With this clean, we have increased the structural integrity and health of the roof.

After we had removed all the debris from the roof, we also made sure that the surrounding area and buildings were all debris free. we’re not fond of leaving debris everywhere. It’s all part of the service.

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If you live in Sheffield and your roof is covered with moss and lichens why not just get in touch for a free quote?

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