Roof Cleaning Stockport

Roof Cleaning Stockport

Roof Cleaning: Stockport: Matt Grant – Peak Roof Clean.

Moss on roof Stockport
This house had a lot of moss and lichens. Lichen is an invasive organism and may appear on surfaces of roofs. While lichen may appear to be harmless, it can cause significant damage to outdoor surfaces over time.

Lichens hold moisture against the surface, therefore, speeding up the wear and tear on roof tiles. This process will, over time, shorten the life of your roof. Lichen can also penetrate your roof’s exterior causing the tiles to separate, this can lead to leaks.


Roof Cleaning Stockport

After the removal of the moss and lichens, the roof looks completely different, with this clean we have increased the structural integrity and health of the roof for some years to come.

After we had removed all the debris from the roof, we also made sure that the driveway and surrounding area were all debris free. we’re not fond of leaving debris everywhere. It’s all part of the service.

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