Roof Cleaning Staffordshire

Roof Cleaning Staffordshire

Roof Cleaning: Staffordshire: Matt Grant – Peak Roof Clean.
Peak Roofclean have just completed another roof cleaning job in Staffordshire, quite close to the Derbyshire border, and the town of Ashbourne.

Roof cleaning Stafforshire


How Moss Damages Roofs

The roof had blue tiles which were affected by Lichens and lots of large clumps of moss. The mosses were so thick that they had damaged a large number of tiles. We had to replace at least 20 tiles that had become cracked and damaged.

This tile/slate damage occurs when the moss grows in the gaps between the roof tiles, they absorb water and expand, then in cold weather, they freeze which puts pressure on the tiles and cause pieces to break off. Over time, if left unchecked this can cause widespread damage to roof tiles and slates. This type of damage is known as capillary action.

Peak Roofclean replace damaged tiles and slates wherever we find them.  We also carry out minor repairs to ridge tiles and chimney flashing.  If your roof needs more expensive repairs we will refer you to one of our trusted partners.

The owner was so pleased with the job we did that they bought us Fish and Chips as a treat. Don’t worry, we don’t expect all our customers to do that!  We’d be so fat, we couldn’t get up the ladders.  It was a nice treat though and further evidence of just how much our customers appreciate the standard of our work.

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