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Roof Cleaned – Ashbourne, Derbyshire: Peak Roofclean

Peak Roofclean remove moss and lichens on roofs across the Midlands. We were recently hired to clean a residential roof in Shirley, near Ashbourne Derbyshire. We got this particular job due to a recommendation from a previous job.

The owner had sent us some initial photographs of the property by using our contact form.

So as soon as we arrived on site, we began covering the extended parts of the house, as well as covering the garden and yard.  this is to prevent falling mosses from making a mess of the property.   Then we set to work.

Once we have done all the preparations, we set to work cleaning the roof tiles.   The tiles were standard concrete roof tiles, we have plenty of experience at cleaning all kinds of slates, tiles and asphalt roofs.

The front was the quick part of the job but the rear roof tiles had a lot of very thick lichens and mosses. all were successfully removed.   Peak Roofclean always make a point of providing a thorough clean up after our work is complete.

As you can see the transformation is quite dramatic. The roof looks brand new and has improved the look of the property.

Roof Cleaned Ashbourne

The homeowner was so happy with the job they even tipped the team.  In fact, three of the neighbours were so impressed they have asked us to clean their roofs too.

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